DeHart Recycling Equipment offers customized conveyor systems for every recycling application. We design, manufacture and integrate slider bed and chain-drive conveyors. Whether a light-duty mobile feed or transfer conveyor, a heavy-duty baler or shredder feed conveyor or complete material recovery system, we can provide a solution to your needs.

Heavy-Duty Low-Profile Conveyors (HLPC) Able to handle part and scrap removal in high-speed, heavy-load, and other demanding applications. The HLPC was designed to handle the toughest under-press jobs day after day with minimum maintenance.

In June 2013, Magaldi Industrie S.r.l. started up two Superbelt HD (Heavy Duty) for scraps conveying in a Canadian steel recycling facility. The Superbelt HD conveyors have given proven evidence of their dependability, high capability to run under heavy scraps load and ability to convey scrap cluster up to 1500 mm (300 kgs) in length.

Heavy-Duty Scrap Conveyors. Goessling Heavy-duty Scrap Conveyors are used for transporting everything from large stampings from underneath automotive stamping presses to heavy cast iron parts, hot forgings, and even shredder scrap (just to name a few).

PRAB ScrapVeyor ™ Stamping Scrap Conveyors. The PRAB ScrapVeyor ™ features leak-proof construction that retains of cutting fluids when moving scrap to its destination, and positive discharge provides a clean operation while eliminating carryover. Combine this scrap conveyor with a distribution system to maximize operational load-out efficiency.

A leader in the recycling industry for over 50 years, Hustler Conveyor Company designs, manufactures and provides economical solutions for recycling and scrap processing needs. Heavy duty steel belt conveyors, entire turnkey sort systems, replacement belts.

Belt conveyor systems for rock, sand, dirt and gravel. Contact Rock Systems today for radial stackers, overland, portable, transfer conveyors, belt loaders and more. ... Heavy Duty Feeder for Large Rock. Inventory Number: R2412. View Details . Hewitt-Robbins …

Hytrol Conveyor Company creates material handling systems that move the world. Products ... Handle large and bulky products with heavy duty systems and accessories. Software. ... Become a part of the Hytrol Family and be a part of our success every day. Press Room.

US Conveyor Technologies MFG, Inc., has infeed conveyors built to meet that task. Low maintenance and high durability sets our feed system above the rest. The U.S. Conveyor infeed is the heaviest in the industry for maximum scrap handling capabilities.

Industrial Conveyor Systems to Keep ... Hinged Steel Belt. For today’s machine tool environment and heavy-duty applications, Titan offers hinged steel belt conveyors with several options for specific requirements. Learn More . ... Titan Hinged Steel Belt Scrap Conveyors are available in 2-1/2” pitch, 4” pitch, and 6” pitch, covering the ...

Chip conveyors and coolant filtration increase machine tool productivity. Combine your chip conveyor with a metal chip processing system or chip shredder for ease of chip handling. Extra heavy duty hinged belts are available for scrap conveyor applications. Replace your old, existing chip conveyor; Design, build and order a new chip conveyor

Jul 11, 2006· Bunting's Heavy-Duty MagSlide beltless magnetic conveyor removes and transports abrasive, jagged scrap using moving magnets—hidden beneath a stainless steel slider bed. Photo courtesy of Bunting Magnetics Co., Newton, Kan.

SteelTrak™ Hinged Steel Belt Conveyors. New London Engineering’s SteelTrak™ Hinged Steel Belt Conveyors are used to convey virtually any type of metal scrap. These rugged, heavy-duty conveyors are designed for long-term, low-maintenance operations in industrial, scrap, steel …

The heavy-duty hinged steel belt conveyors feature open style construction for easy maintenance. The conveyors are designed for interchangeability with leading chain manufacturers. Conveyor construction is designed to incorporate chain widths from 12” wide to 96” max in increments of 6”.

Stamping Industry Conveying Equipment for removal of stamping material from underneath stamping presses, ranging from light, medium and heavy duty conveyors to underground scrap distribution systems and trailer/scrap container filling systems.

Chain Belt Conveyors. Titan custom steel belt conveyors are offered in low and full profiles. They are ideal for a variety of light and heavy duty applications, including machine tool and chip-handling environments, die casting operation, stamping operations, whole plant chip and scrap removal systems, inspection, parts handling and package operation.

It is a heavy duty version of the sturdy Magaldi Superbelt® conveyor and it can withstand heavy shocks and impact loads. The steel pans are generally made of manganese steel with hardness ≥400HB, while the thickness is 8+8 mm. Being able to design the conveyor with a steep inclination, it allows the reduction of the footprint to reach the ...

2 1/2" pitch - 8 1/2" deep frame most common standard duty scrap conveyor. More Information This unit is one of the industry’s most economical and dependable hinged steel belt conveyors.

The Wardcraft Model “SV” is for heavy-duty applications that require a low profile conveyor. The original Slug-Vayor® first pioneered and developed by Wardcraft Conveyor was designed for the metal stamping environment to carry away slugs, parts and scrap created by die-presses, permitting continuous production and reducing down-time.

Fluent Conveyors make heavy duty conveyors specifically designed for the metal recycling industry. Hinge steel belt and Z pan roller chain conveyors can be used to move large and heavy pieces of metal or as infeed for a baler or shredder.

Conveyor Solutions. Welded Hinge Steel Belt Conveyors. Chip Removal Conveyors; Scrap Handling Systems; Heavy Duty Conveyors for the Forging Industry; Custom Conveyor Solutions; Replacement Belts; Commitment to Quality & Innovation; Industry Solutions; Parts & …

Chip-out conveyors are ubiquitous in the machining industry. Transcon builds heavy duty chip-out conveyors that can handle fine, chips, cut-offs, and machining fluids, and efficiently move it away from your machining center.

PRAB Steel Belt Conveyors are available in 2.5″ to 9″ pitch and are designed to convey a wide range of metal scrap ranging in weight and bulk density. It’s capable of combining horizontal and elevating movements. Heavy-duty side frames, track and wear bars keep the belt on track shift after shift.

Advanced Equipment Systems (AES) is a designer and manufacturer of heavy duty, industrial material handling conveyors. AES specializes in chain, steel belt, heavy duty roller, PVC, and V-roll conveyors. Our custom engineered conveyor systems can be made for a wide range of applications, including:

Conveyors – Hinged Belt & Beltless, Heavy-Duty, Low Profile, Scrap/Chip-Handling, Horizontal, Auger Dependable, Rugged Industrial Conveying for Over 100 Years. Wardcraft has specialized in the design, development and manufacturing of conveyor systems.

Used Conveyor belt rubber is much stronger than other rubber materials of similar thickness. Remember, this conveyor belt is designed to carry tons of sharp, pointed items like rock and ore over thousands of feet in mines that dig for things such as copper, gold, and coal.

Manufacturer of pneumatic scrap removal & scrap handling conveyors. Products include standard pneumatic conveyors & heavy duty conveyors. Available in standard & threaded versions in coated aluminum & stainless steel. Threaded version conveyors are available in 1 in., 1.25 in., 1.5 in. & 2 in. pipe thread sizes.

Heavy Duty Scrap Description More versatile than other types of conveyors, the steel hinged belt conveyor can be used to handle any type of metal scrap from thin to thick steel parts, slugs and other scrap metal stampings.

“SHD” Heavy Duty Conveyor Belt: Designed and built exclusively from RW Connection to compete with the most popular “Tier 2” belts as described by the Rubber Manufacturers Association. ... Heavy-Duty Black Belt, Eddy Current and Optical Sorter Belts are optimized for handling scrap metal, mulch, construction and demolition, E-Waste ...

Hinged Steel Belt Conveyors “Many More Models“ Steel Belt Conveyors are the most versatile of conveyors.Ideal for any type of metal scrap, from tiny chips, turnings, bushy material, wet or dry in large or small volumes. 4″ and 6″ pitch hinged steel belt conveyors are ideal for larger scrap, foundry, and any applications with heavy loads.

Steel Hinge Belt Conveyors are heavy-duty scrap handling and recycling conveyors. They are classified by their pitch, which is the distance (in inches) between the centers of the belts hinge points. From discarding shavings produced by a CNC machine to handling bucket loads of scrap at a recycling facility, these conveyors will get down and ...

Powerbelt Conveyor Systems is a leading manufacturer of high quality engineered conveyors, create custom designs, positive drive - Woodbridge, Ontario, Canada

Heavy Duty Belt Conveyors Product Information. Gough’s heavy duty conveyors can be built for a range of applications, making use of materials designed to withstand chemical corrosion and physical damage.. Our heavy duty conveyors have been applied to conveying chemicals, recycling, and scrap metal, achieving high rates of throughputs, reliably and efficiently.